PDQ inc

PDQBLDGPDQ, Inc., headquartered in Rocky Hill, CT, was started in 1989 at the request of the Vice President of Manufacturing and Purchasing at the former Hamilton Standard. The company was originally set up to alleviate delivery and technical issues for location pins and specialized wave and bi-metallic washers.

We use our “One and Done” method of manufacturing with a variety of 6 to 11 axis mill/turn machines. This allows us to machine complete parts in one set-up.

In 2015, we are completed a major expansion, adding 10,000 square feet to the manufacturing floor, quality control, and a new classroom training facility. In addition, we have developed expertise in orifice assemblies, sub-assemblies, technical buying, and managing our supply chain.

A core value for PDQ, Inc. is delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction at all times. PDQ understands that meeting the needs of our associates and customers is the key to our future success.

Ron Gronback Jr.—CEO & President
PDQ, Inc.
24 Evans Rd.- Rocky Hill, CT 06067